Software: QtiPlot

QtiPlot is a cross platform data analysis and scientific visualisation solution [1] similar to Origin [2]. The program is developed by Ion Vasilief, who also developed some other nice tools[3].

QtiPlot allows fast plotting of data. The results look way more professional than, for example, with Excel (not only because of the ratio) and, moreover, it has much more options to configure the plots. Below is an example of fast-plotted data from an lab course experiment of my students.

Figure 1. Examplary 6-minutes-plot.

Figure 1. Examplary 6-minutes-plot.

It took me 6 minutes to enter the data (by hand!), plot it, and configure/format the plot. Look how beautiful the results are! So, I can definitely suggest Qtiplot to anyone who wants a nice, handy program for data plotting.

Note: You have to pay for the official binaries. However, since QtiPlot is open-source you can freely download the source code from the official page and compile it. If you don’t want to (or can’t) compile it yourself, then you can use the binaries from unofficial sources [4]. They are not always up-to-date, but it’s free of charge and, of course, legal! Nevertheless, if you really like and use the program, you should think about supporting Ion Vasilef by buying a one year license.


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